A Nightmare Scenario - the final junk email battlefield

The logical end result of the current Spam junk-e-mail scene, is an email system resembling current security systems for transmitting secure data:     To get email sent to someone, you will then need not only the right email address (analogous to a 'public key'), but also the correct Subject line code (as a 'private key' analogue).
...Email systems would be, in this nightmare scenario, capable of filtering out all email with subject lines not equal to (say) "iD:Qs0196s24QQz3". All public bandwidth would be full of bouncing 'email requests', the work of ruthless hackers attempting to get e-attention at all costs . . . Personally vital and non-commercial email & other transmissions would be kept down to an effective rate of 50 Kbits-per-second even on the fastest lines .... an all-out virtual battlefield to match any from the SF works of Bruce Sterling or William Gibson.

But this scenario has not yet come to pass.* In the meantime, I have a rogue's gallery to share. The email addresses listed below were all given as the From: addresses on emails that met the criteria outlined here, the

Grounds for inclusion ( in B.S.L. category 1)

  1. unsolicited, and also one or more of 'B' criteria:
    1. pornographic content / solicitations ( explicit, implicit ... or even just possible, since really vague solicitations are inherently suspect )
    2. invalid 'remove' address given ( that bounces hard, with a 'user not found' or '5XX' error.) Or other stated removal mechanism inoperative. Or no means of list removal given.
    3. forged From: address (&/or forged header):    major email addresses have distinctive aspects or 'fingerprint'... forging an email From: address is, if not the sort of thing the Secret Service investigates, certainly a crime - & may also be a form of theft: even just using a domain name invalidly (let alone the user ID) steals from the email service provider's reputation ... and some of them are getting very wroth with that.
    4. excessive size, or more than one message with duplicate contents ( size above about 9.9 K is considered excessive here.)
    5. Spamateurishness: a catch-all for gaucherie; for instance a message that has brief content, but is large because the 'To:' field was crammed with allt he addresses sent to!    Or, blank emails. Or others as spammers future folly may dictate!

So here - right on the Web where other spammers' spiders will hopefully find and collect them - is my current

         Block Sender List, category 1

( - Feel free to   Block Sender   any or all of these addresses, in your own email account... another reason I included them here. )

teambuilder@structured-water.com 10883260@ix.netcom.com z993v2@ibm.net JakesFreebieTown@bigfoot.com webmaster@futuro-eagles.com ramseyb@mymail.com netpros@bizztek.com fruegge@gwdg.de B2BeNews@pacbell.net chilibook@eastmail.com chazhound@chazhound.com ron689@alpha.tu.ac.th success_2000@excite.com um7j@ibm.net NEWSFLASHZ@yahoo.com kenna44@yahoo.com win678@mic.iu.co.jp humleker@erols.com jblk@joymail.com 15pv@hehe.com flightdeck_us@yahoo.com yakketyyak@compuserve.cm yakketyyak@compuserve.com hotfemales@mail.carlbro.dk icardura@yahoo.com jamit@prodigy.com bway@bigfoot.com bapoint@hotmail.com profits2000@mail.md netking3@bellsouth.net makebucks202@yahoo.com LongDistance@serverx.fsnet.co.uk teensexall@mailhost.cs.auc.dk kazam@yahoo.com adam@yahoo.com suckmeall@danablue.vision.auc.dk timmy@email.com EmailLeads2000@hotmail.com ggobis20002@belloffice.com email544000@fastmail.ca Hildy@mail.fortuna.com.br Hildy@ruby.fortuna.com.br suzi5@aussiemail.com.au suzi4@aussiemail.com.au chopin_720002@swbell.net willynilly@mailcity.com platinum@AllThePlanet.com wlvequipla2339396@compuserve.com SALLYy1@turbomail.net niouyiosafb@yahoo.com Cash_4_U2@yahoo.com increaseprofits2190915@mailcity.com whatzit@freewebcity.com notter@yahoo.com info30422@babit.com jmbkjvs@yahoo.com cr_negotiate@yahoo.com shipper@prodigy.net phonesex5896@hotmail.com phonesex7998@hotmail.com iaknf@yahoo.com noheat@eastmail.com Resurface@gtmoppinc.com betteryou@excite.com betteryou@excte.com make_money_5487@htmial.com make_money_5487@hotmail.com Anthonyoo@eo.yifan.net themann@usa.net gh8@sofit.it wfrobersen13419 asdfjha@yahoo.com dasjfhask@yahoo.com notification76@mindspring.com theautoclub1653@home.com theautoclub77545@home.com americafindnow@yahoo.com unlimitedld@uymail.com lowcostdiabeticsupplies54516@yahoo.com make_money_5487@htmial.com make_money_5487@hotmail.com LongxDistance@excite.com help@teen-net.fsnet.co.uk getfit67@yahoo.com rob32900@go.com home11@bwn.nett home11@bwn.net bsn2@aol.com prosper@020.co.uk

      . . . subcategory, the 'Super-Spammers' - who send spam soliciting others to send spam or mass emailings:

      subcategory, Forged Addresses:
80714@ 12275@ bocaman35@hotmail.com

* ...Except in one case, even before I was done imagining the above. It details a spam filtering program that asks for a password in the subject line! ...but from some domains only, not all... the nightmare is incompletely developed as yet even here.:
Looking over http://www.perl.com, I saw an article on spam and email filtering/exclusion, by Mark-Jason Dominus, in which he details how his own solution to Spam has gone to the length of requiring a Subject-line password .... if the email comes from certain domains, but not all - read it, it's full of Perl:

My Life With Spam, Part 3.
- Please note: I linked to this without permission... because the author's Spam block was too good to let me contact him to ask!    ; )

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