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- Linking to these sites/pages:
      Webmasters, feel free to link to these specific URLs:
...in any favorable context.    (-For other URLs at 'UpSky', I'd prefer to be asked permission first, with context [& code & text] specified. See Menu page for ways to contact me.)

- Why Initial italics? (-you may have noticed these on menu pages...)
      They are used on UpSky2, in order to provide a clue to which pages are not meant entirely seriously ;
In other words, if you're looking for a laugh, these links are likelier to be the ones to try!

- Why no # 1 on the UpSky2 menu page ?
      I'm using category numbers here in the same pattern as the 'UpSky' site uses. Since this site is for the newest stuff, some numbers may not be included.

- What quality of Privacy is observed at 'UpSky'?
      At 'UpSky' websites, no data collected by Web page counters will be sold, or divulged voluntarily. -see also... Survey questions (about UpSky products, on Web page at http://members.tripod.com/~UpSky2/FreeFSF.html) will be recorded separately from Email addresses or Web addresses, and will not be divulged or published individually: Your opinions are of value, and will be treated as such.

- Why are the 'UpSky' sites not more evidently useful? ( - someone's bound to ask this sort of question...)
      Quoting, I reply:    "Don't degrade me into the position of giving you useful information." [O. Wilde, The Critic As Artist.]

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