J. W. Van Goethe - from Faust, Part II
(Note on non-literal translation used here.)

...In such a moment I could say:
'Day-beauty stay, forever stay!'
I've realised the light that fills my days:
From now they come to nought if not high praise. -
As in my vision I have sight of bliss,
So in this moment, my Forever is.

[Faust sinks down dead,
is laid out by Lemures.]

He loved no fun, was satisfied with nought,
Still chased he symbol-phantoms with dazzled eyes;
The senile tag-end of his life and thought,
The old dolt thought, would be his joy and prize.
With workmanship the Devil banned
- He thought - but at this last he sinks to sand,
His sand runs out -
CHOR. Run out! Turn down an empty glass!
No sign is left -

MEPHISTOPHELES. And if no sign, he's gone.
CHOR. He is no more.
MEPHISTOPHELES.          'No more'? A fool's groan.
What, 'nevermore'?
To never-more, it's truth! the raven's lie, now sure!
So who'll explain this nonsense to me?
No one loves empty null-words, evidently!
I must conclude, since it can't be enjoyed,
Death would be better with all meaning void.

[ - Faust II, XXXXf. Translation into
English from the original German (C) December 6, 1998, by Russell Hess (the translator.) ]

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