Caesar's Beans Squared

- Beans, cooked (with sauce/spices, preferably)
- Snap beans i.e. green beans, and equal weight to the previous
- Caesar-salad croutons - or similar - to taste.
......This isn't really a recipe so much as an idea:
Take the green beans (fresh! I hope), remove the ends, break into smallish lengths (-I hope you washed your hands first, if not the beans!-), mixing with the cooked beans (-which can be pinto, kidney, or even Lima for all I care!-). Then add croutons over this, and - well, eat it, and enjoy the mixed-genre "high-protein-cum-salad" taste.

(......unless you have no taste buds. Seemed fine to me when I tried it today.)

*-Why 'Beans Squared'? because this dish is 'Beans with Beans'. As for the Caesar, I believe that's Caesar Cardini, but I could be wrong.

- recipe and Web page December 30 1999, by Russell Hess, Webmaster, 'UpSky' sites, and no cook at all.