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Science Fiction Anthology Index
Short Guide to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' series

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Science Fiction Anthology Index

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Future products (in development or in planning) - express interest in their being available here:
Fantastic Fiction Artwork And Illustrations Index And Rating System.
Short Guide To Chronology, Terminology, & Technicalities In Isaac Asimov's 'The End Of Eternity'
Positive Reinforcement - (DOS) software for the person whose computer should be an agreeable companion. [No, this isn;t 'Friendly Eddie'!] [unless you want it to be.]
Thumbnail Graphics programs - (DOS) software, multiconfigurable, with suite of sample images
"StartTruck" - the whole shebang, complete with commercial breaks (not just the portions I've put on the Web)
Plant Names Reference System/Searchable - (DOS) software custom database
Carrying It Off In Style: index to TV show, 'The Avengers'
(upgrade of the "Science Fiction Anthology Index")
(expanded version of the "Short Guide to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' series")

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