I'm afraid I must admit: this is ICARUS

for the fallen, pessimistic, and satiric

- About 'beating a dead horse' - satiric verse.

Non-Relationships:    Instruction Manual for Lovers-in-Training, J.G..    The not altogether original Non-Connecting song.
     - Tired of all the talk-talk-talking you sometimes find in noisy public places? This ought to help.

By recent observation, many featherless bipeds say things not only without belief, but also without pretense of belief. Even a decent & ardent hypocrite is their superior.    I suppose that's why we (Americans) tend to elect decent ardent hypocrites:    They really are superior, why not let them lead?
[January 21, 2000.]

Half an idea is enough for a halfwit to go wild with.
[January 21, 2000.]

Drooling was not the great objective that Pavlov had in mind for his work, but -- nonetheless -- he did achieve a bit of drooling.
[January 27, 2000.]

- Pizza auctions!!
[February 5, 2000.]

Is there any way to kill a tree that isn't pronouncedly inhumane?? (-looking, or in methods...)
[February 5, 2000.]

The ideal game show is one where not only is the game idiotic, the contestants idiotic, and the show host idiotic, but the prizes are all idiots too: "You win a lifetime supply of free idiots!"
[February 22, 2000.]

War is Hell - especially when the tide rises and sharks are around.
[...honoring General William Tecumseh Sherman, Jim Toomey, and Lewis Carrol / Charles L. Dodgson - in case you need details of attribution here.]
[February 24, 2000.]

...Looks like they never heard of Offenbach's 1st 'Tales of Hoffman'... e.g., "La poupee, a roleau ces yieux, disais par voix si tremoleux, 'Je taime'" [-more or less, quoting from memory.]
[February 25, 2000.]

       "Not Olive Oyl"

I'm Popeye the sailor man
I live in a garbage can
With a redheaded blond brunette
Who's too often prone to fret:
  "Is my hair this color?
  Or is it another?"
I'm Popeye the sailor man.

One day a prophetic skald
Decreed I should shave her bald
And have her wear powdered wigs
Like 'Johann Sebastian B.I.G.'s...
  It sounds like a proper plan;

  I'm Popeye the sailor man.

[April 10-12 2000.]

The difference between "too late" and "not too late" is the difference between hindsight and foresight. ( - unless there is no foresight left.)
[April 15, 2000.]

Who wants to be a millionaire - just in order to get married ?!!
[early May, 2000.]

Amazingly enough:   Living up to one's appetite for danger or risk is never entirely safe.
So if you wait for the time when it's safe and prudent, you'll . . . be waiting, I think.
[May 2, 2000.]

Observe a caterpillar crawling up to the tip of a grass stalk:   it extends itself and waves half its body through empty space, finding nothing farther.
- You will never exceed your capacity by your own methods.
[ . . . some caterpillars do eventually sprout wings and attain the upper reaches... but one does not get wings by crawling, not even at the top of a high place. ]
[May 3, 2000.]

To be in error       is natural.          That is it's primary excuse for existing.
[June 11, 2000.]

"If I wait, I may eventually have patience enough."

Life isn't a tale told by an idiot, even if I'm the idiot that's telling the tale!

If you cannot offer a good woman a good man, you can at least offer her a good world.
(In the sense of, "I'm not good, but - hey! - the worlds' really good!")
[November 22, 2001.]

IF this world were really for-the-fools, then none of us would have the wit to see it, except for the destined losers.
[November 25, 2001.]


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