Online transcript of recently achieved certifications: Professionalism, capability, & ingenious solutions. Serving the customer and utilizing technical expertise progressively. 7 years + of pro experience. [ - See also Web links at bottom, after resume : ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Russell Hess Email: Current status: Actively freelancing and seeking employment TECHNICAL TRAINING, PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS, AWARDS: certified JavaScript Programmer (3.49), February 12, 2000. certified Computer Technician (3.08), February 1, 2000. certified Windows 95 Administrator (2.87), January 28, 2000. certified HTML 4.0 Programmer (3.83), January 22, 2000. certified Programmer/Analyst Aptitude (3.97), January 21, 2000. certified Master Written English (4.56), January 12, 2000. certified Windows 95 Power User (3.34), January 12, 2000. (See online transcript at ) (TekMetrics) certified UNIX System Administrator (3.42), November 5, 1999. (- Different transcript from the previous six.) Sun(TM) Maintenance training, January, 1990. Novell NetWare(TM) R.A.C., September, 1989. Certificate of Achievement for Meritorious Service, for database work quality, May, 1988. Certified Electronics Technician, Reg.# AC-12668. Who`s Who in Nationally Accredited Private Career Schools, 1988. Electronics Courses (1 year), at TESST in Alexandria; graduated April 1988, with full honors, certificate awarded. High School General Equivalency Diploma, 1986. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CAREER HISTORY TO DATE (reverse chronological order) : Freelance computer worker Currently; for details, see subsection after next...... Windows 98 upgrades and Windows 95 troubleshooting and restoration, Windows 3.1 admin; software support services and installation, disk restoration and filesystem repair. Website modification, page design, graphics. Network analysis, rewiring. Pentium PCs and laptops. Apple Powerbook 1700 hardware servicing. Tech support by email and telephone. Email account configuration. Procurement consultation; Virus education and handling consultation. Electronic watch repair. (...recent areas of practice since July 1999.) UNIX System Administrator/Analyst March 1999 to May 1999. Company name: CREN (Corporation for Research & Educational Networking); Washington D.C. Windows NT 4.0 system admin & software installation/configuring, Solaris 2.7 & 2.5 ( = SunOS 5.5 & 5.7) UNIX environment admin, mailing list software support, website critic (-didn`t actually alter any pages, but found mistakes & passed on the details to those who had time to correct them - so I wasn`t Webmaster here, but did useful work. - Used MS FrontPage some.) Also a bit of hardware installation, documentation editing, list server management. Developed Tech Support procedures (the planning/procedure drafting part wasn`t well done, but I plugged away at it, it was required), debugged the new bug & call logging system [- and made somewhat bumptious test entries, which was less than ideal... but:] was good at debugging it as it was set up - see it at Much done, & worked long hours willingly too. (Despite the formal title, I effectively worked, in point of status, as a consultant rather than a regular employee... i.e., never had benefits or leave, just salary.) Self employed freelance consultant, Website builder, writer February 1998 to present Serving any customer who`d pay my rates, providing electronic equipment services. Computers including PCs and Powerbooks (hw/sw/installation/moving), copiers, fax machines, radio receivers, car security systems, telephone wiring and rewiring. HTML, JavaScript, Web design and site admin, Email management. - The two Web sites I`ve designed & built (Award won - see (`UpSky`) & (`UpSky2`). - Most successful/busiest page of my creating: ('......February 1998?' - I didn`t have any customers before then.) In preparation for self-employed status Most of 1995; later 1996 to June 1997. Preparing customer procedures, accounting & receipt forms. Programming in Intel machine code (built up a suite of diagnostic utilities, a set of modules for structured programming, a thumbnail graphics package, a suite of thumbnail graphics files, a file statistics utility, and a virus-proof scan function in compressed & optimized code.... & more.) Building structured reference documents with WordPerfect 5.1, and building database files with a custom-programmed entry data regularizer. (I have marketed some of these databases/files on the World Wide Web; see `UpSky` URL cited above.) (Unemployed) Late 1994 to March 1995. (If it doesn`t seem right to you, agreed - It wasn`t of my choosing.) (Pending employment offer as Senior PC Tech.) March 1994 to ~December 1994 Company name: Unisource Systems; Chicago, Illinois (-with Washington D.C. local office.) Was offered position March 1994; interviewed successfully; personally turned in signed acceptance to job offer; never heard from them again. (Unemployed, seeking work) December 1992 to February 1994. (I wasn`t seeking work in early January 1993 and May-July 1993... so what. I`d run out of spare money for it in the summer of 1993; as soon as the means were available again, I went at it once more.) Computer Tech/Service Representative December 1989 to December 1992. Company name: Halifax Engineering; Alexandria, Virginia. Equipment services, many contracts; 1 1/2 year for U.S. Department of the Air Force, Pentagon & nearby. 5 months for a variety of D.C. & Maryland commercial and government contracts. 1 year for U.S.A.I.D. (the Agency for International Development). (Also N.I.H, others.) All aspects of servicing for a wide variety of equipment (including sole responsibility for Sun equipment services for this company for about a year.) Some dealing with procurement / vendor selection. System backups and admin on a SCO UNIX server in Pentagon office (and a Sun 3), for 1 1/2 year. Field Service/Assembly/Repair Technician July 1989 to October 1989. Company name: American Microframe Technology of Maryland, Gaithersburg. Computer assembly, repair, omni-responsible field service technician (e.g., consultant for B.I.A. contract matter), all PC types. Long hours, hard work, good pay. Computer & Network Technical Specialist May 1988 to July 1989. Company name: Advanced Integrated Technology; Columbia, Tennessee. PCs and D.E.C.-based LAN. Contract in Pentagon for U.S. Department of the Army. PC services, hw/sw: user support/installation/configuration/etc. Ethernet LAN service: hw/installation/revisions/layout planning & records. Sysop-level operations on D.E.C. MicroVAX WAN. Student Aide April 1987 to May 1988. Employer: U.S. Department of the Army, Pentagon; Washington, D.C. General clerical aide; used/assisted with computer database building/configuration/updating/macros/report generation. Mainframe terminals & PCs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Version of February 15, 2000. A list of my equipment-types experience (if appropriate or of interest) can be seen at URL: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- E q u i p m e n t e x p e r i e n c e l i s t Russell Hess, Email: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PCs: A Open Pentium Acer Aspire [Pentium] AST 286 & 386 AT&T XT Compaq Deskpro 286 & 386, & AT laptops, portable XT & 386, Dell XPS T. [Pentium-III] TEMPEST (Loral) XT Harris 286 IBM 486 PS/Note, PS/2 System 30, PC, PC-XT & PC-AT NEC 386 Toshiba Satellite [Pentium I] Wang `Classic`, 286, 386SX WinBook XP 486 laptop. Wyse 286 & 386 Zenith 286 & 386; ZWL-184 laptop, AT laptops; TEMPEST XTs, 286s, 386s -also Gateway, Comtex, & Vanguard 386s, ARC & Acer ATs, Compass Computer, Leading Edge XT (etc...) Apple / Macintosh: Mac-Plus, Mac-II, Imagewriter, Powerbook 1700, mouse ( & DEST Scanner for Mac-IIcx, Bernoulli=for-Macintosh.) Sun: Models 3/50, 3/60, 3/1XX & -2XX, 4/200, SparcStation 1, 1+, & LX; disk units, tape units, monitors, TEMPEST monitors, Clearpoint upgrade for 3/50. Printers: - laser: H.P. Laserjet I. Laserjet II, IIP, III, 4si; DEC LN03, Wang laser, Harris LS-08, Unisys, IBM Laserprinter E. - dot-matrix & daisywheel: Citizen, Epson, DEC LA75P, Alps 1000 & 2000, (etc...) Hard disk drives: Seagate, Conner, CDC, Seagate Swift, CDC Wren, Micropolis, Microscience, Miniscribe, Lapine, Fujitsu, etc...MFM, SCSI, IDE, RLL, ESDI interface/format types; format/cables/ /test/install/data recovery - & the occasional minor miracle. Removable or Catridge drives: Bernoulli 8-inch & Bernoulli-II, 20 & 40 Megabyte; Syquest 5, 10, 40 Megabyte; Emulex; Zenith-Inteq TEMPEST. Monitors & video boards: Monochrome/EGA/VGA/CGA... many brands & makes... Terminals including: DEC VT100, -220; Wang; Wyse-60, Wyse-50; DataGraphix 132B TEMPEST (for Multics). Tape drives: Sun/Fujitsu, DEC TK50, Archive, Irwin 400. Mice/`mouses`: Logitech, Sun, DEC, Mouse Systems, Apple mouse & trackball. Miscellaneous: modems by Hayes, Zenith, Zoom, others; modem cards; Graphtek MP 2300 plotter; Palantir 2000 scanner, Epson & DEST scanners; PC Camera (`WebCam`, `QuickCam`); Siecor fiber-optic transcievers; HP Deskjet; AT&T 3B2, DEC Ethernet NIC & DESPR repeater & DELNI, 10-Base-T LAN Network hardware, Xerox 5000-series personal copier, ARCnet cards & cables... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Version of December 3, 1999. Range of experience list, of specific Sw & Hw brands/types, is on: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Support Technician, Hw/Sw Administration range of experience - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Sw: -programming: Advanced Intel machine code (not with C but on that level), VMS & UNIX shell scripts, DOS BATs, macros (WordPerfect, etc.) HTML 4 Web design, JavaScript. XBM. Fortran. Ready to learn more too. -support/install/ configure: -op.sys.s/NOS: SunOS, NetWare, SCO UNIX, HTML, DOS 2-7, Windows NT 4.0 1381, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98. (Pathworks.) -user/app. sw: FoxPlus, Dbase, Filemaker. MS Office, Works, Word, Draw, & Excel. Allin1, WordPerfect 5.1, 123, 20/20, Harvard Graphics, Procomm, Paintbrush, Polygon, Emacs; shareware, etc. -browsers: Netscape 3.0 & 4.08, AOL 3, Lynx, Telnet, MS Internet Explorer 4. -utilities: Norton Disk Editor & suite, MCR NCP, FTP, Hw diagnostics. McAfee Scan. Windows 95 REGEDIT, SYSEDIT, Control Panel. (-&, Windows NT: Active Desktop, Performance Meter, Task Manager, Event Viewer, Windows NT Explorer.) ScanDisk for DOS, & for Windows. - graphics: GIF, BMP, XBM. `IMG` also, my own bitmap format. - email op.s/ configure: MS Outlook Express, UNIX mailx & Solaris 2.7 Mailer, Web email such as Yahoo! Mail & Hotmail. AOL versions 1.6 & 3 & 4. ListProc. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Hw: -install/configure/ /repair: -Computer CPUs: PC, Sun, Apple. -Printers: laser (HP I-II-III-4si, R4080-type i.e. DEC LN03, WANG LCS-15), impact (many), HP inkjet, DP lineprinter. -Disk Drives: data recovery (not `clean- room` type, but all else), formatting, tests of IDE SCSI ESDI MFM & RLL... -Terminals: VT100, WANG, Wyse-60, DGX 132B TEMPEST. -Network: concentrators, repeaters, NIC, net servers, cable topology/layout planning, Ethernet. HP JetDirect. --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Version of February 15, 2000. [For an MS Word-formatted copy, email request to (Also available in WordPerfect 5.) ] - Links : My resume can be viewed on the Web at: See also a listing of Web design examples and Web graphics of my own creating, on: A list of my equipment-types experience can be seen at URL: Range of experience list, of specific Sw & Hw brands/types: My technical training, professional certifications, and awards: , linked to additional pages.