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      - The Science Fiction Anthology Index:
90+ pages when printed out, an reference and an aid to locating science-fiction stories from the obscure to the award-winning.    The result of over three months of daily research, compilation, and editing.    Not replaceable by the use of any computer catalog system or search utility that I have seen (or even heard of).

      - The Short Guide to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' Books by Douglas Adams:
Not very long, but good for locating all those choice descriptions of Douglas Adams' unique view of the universe;    Compiling it used up unawsome amounts of my spare time, in a way that wasn't work at all.    As for what it has in it: say you want to find descriptive data on Squornshellous Zeta...    It also attempts to provide some use as a reference volume to the 'wisdom' (-??!?!!?- or whatever it is) of Douglas Adams . . .
...It's . . . well, in the words of (Ford Prefect, and) the author of the five books (TH-HGTG, TRATEOTU, LTUATE, SLATFATF, MH*):

"'It's - oh, never mind. Look, just get some kind of grip, will you, Arthur? Or at least get some kind of catalogue.'"
(-And no, this [Short Guide] isn't too serious.    Like, what else would you expect considering the subject matter?)

[-Quote is from 'Mostly Harmless', page 210.]

*[Abbreviations for the titles of the five books of the series.]

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Future products (in development or prospective):

 - Fantastic Fiction Artwork And Illustrations Index And Rating System. 

 - Short Guide To Chronology, Terminology, & Technicalities In Isaac Asimov's 'The End Of Eternity'  

 - Positive Reinforcement software (DOS) - for the person whose computer should be an
agreeable companion. [No, this isn't 'Friendly Eddie'!]    [ - unless you want it to be]  

 - Thumbnail Graphics programs (DOS) - software, multiconfigurable, with suite of sample images  

 - Plant Names Reference System/Searchable (software) - custom database

 - Carrying It Off In Style: index to TV show, 'The Avengers'

 - (an even more comprehensive update of the "Science Fiction Anthology Index" [ - I've begun it, but don't wait for it.])

 - (expanded version of the "Short Guide to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' series")