The Zapruder Film

 - Movies only show the visible, just as recordings only show the audible. If there'd been anything the Zapruder Film could've caught, every eyewitness would've seen it too. Looking for "hidden" details in it is rather dumb.

 - A shot(s) ring(s) out:   Everyone was looking at the President before - do they look around now?? Of course not! So the camera saw what they didn't, right?

 - "Badgeman"? If Zapruder had filmed wild birds instead of Presidents, analysis would find demons lurking in the shadows of leaves.

 - If a careful, leisured, considered gathering of some of the best minds in the country can't find the truth, can a grainy, wobbly hand-made home movie find it?

[-R.H., Oct. 9, 2000.]

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