Disclaimers and Limitations on Free Samples Policy at UpSky/UpSky2

1. 'Free Sample(s)' is(/are) offered for the purpose of aiding those who might be interested in purchasing a copy or copies; In consequence, I/'UpSky' reserve the right to place at a lower priority (or even, in the event of a very high volume of requests for Sample(s), possibly reject) any Requests that there is grounds for believing (as judged by myself/'UpSky' at discretion) are not made in good faith or are made frivolously or with damaging intent or malicious intent.
    (Policy of deferring or refusing dubious requests (for example, whose given reply Email address 'bounces' Email sent to it on the first try-) is intended to protect the rights of genuine customers to prompt and good service, and also in the event of a temporary or long-term high volume of Requests received.)

2. Neither Free Samples nor any product mentioned on "Ordering Info" HTML page [on the Web at http://members.tripod.com/~UpSky2/FreeFSF.html] is at all what is called 'adult' material. Nevertheless, since Science Fiction as a field can contain 'adult' elements or stories, which may chance to be mentioned in said Products/Free Samples:   Offer is void for any Request if the person who fills out the Request Form or submits a Request in any other fashion, is under 18 years of age at the time of submitting request. And if the 'Age Group' opption on the form is left at default condition or does not indicate an age of 18 or more (or in other forms of Request, is left out or indicates age under 18), Request will be refused, with all liability void. And if the 'Age Group' option is wrongly selected or indicated for the owner of the Email address submitted, or for the person making the Request in whatever form, in that event all claims for liability against myself/'UpSky' for any damages whatsoever with regard to a person under 18 years old obtaining or reading a Sample or copy of one, are declared null and void.
       - Not that Sample(s) contain anything improper at all, but you never know what you need to be prepared for in the way of frivolous lawsuits by dodos whose children have a primary important moral problem (i.e. lying), and are probably worthless themselves.
       (All responsibility is similarly declared null and void, with regard to Sample(s), in the event of a minor hacking into an email account, or similar event describable by those words. Just to be quite thorough.)
            . . . I may say I think this limitation is rather a shame, where any young person of reasonable maturity is concerned. So I leave the option of the Request being made or submitted by an adult, for delivery to his or her own Email address ( - or that of a minor who is currently in the legal custody of that adult.)    My personal sentiments on this whole subject.

3. Each Sample will be accompanied by a small (less than 5 K, after Sample(s) ) advertisement clarifying the nature of the product; ordering information will also be sent with each Sample. Please not that although Free Samples are not complete works, nonetheless full copyright (C) applies to each Free Sample, which may not be reproduced, redistributed, or copied, without express & explicit permission of the holder of Copyright.

4. All this (Website pages & Sample distribution mechanism) being in construction, it must be warned that Sample distribution may not begin until the week of Sunday September 6 1998; if many requests are received, distribution may start sooner; if few requests are received, distribution may commence as late as September 13 1998. Except as revised according to policy stated in paragraph (1) of this HTML document [on the World Wide Web at http://members.tripod.com/~UpSky2/Profession_Business/DisclSamples.html], all inquiries will be responded to according to the order they arrive in my Email Inbox. (So feel free to make a request before then, even if I can't send you a reply right away!)

5. These policies and limitations on Free Samples from 'UpSky' may be changed and modified without notice, effective as of their publication on this HTML document [on the World Wide Web at http://members.tripod.com/~UpSky2/Profession_Business/DisclSamples.html]. (Requests made before any change will be met according to the rules stated on this HTML document at the time Request arrives in my Email Inbox.)

6. All responsibility by me/'UpSky' is abjured for computer system or systems malfunction or error or transmission error that may impede delivery to me/'UpSky' of any Request, or successful transmission and reception of any reply or Sample sent by me in response.
       I must also warn that I/'UpSky' will not be responsible or liable for any injury or damage to a Request sender's or third person's computer and/or its contents, related to or resulting from this free Sample offer. (Not that harm of any kind is at all likely, in my estimation.)

7. Only one (1) Free Sample of any given product (regardless of the revision date of that product) will be delivered to any one particular Email address. (In other words: 'One Sample per Email address.')
    If a Free Sample of any particular product is not specified in a particular Request, it may be specified in a later Request, subject to durational limits and possible cessation of Free Samples offer; if so, Disclaimers and Guarantees will apply to it according to the rules in effect at that time, rather than any previous revision or version. Otherwise, repeated requests for Samples may be rejected.

8. If terms on this HTML page [on the World Wide Web at http://members.tripod.com/~UpSky2/Profession_Business/DisclSamples.html] are changed by the Webmaster of 'UpSky'/'UpSky2', a copy of the old version(s) of 'Disclaimers on Free Samples Policy' will be cited or linked to from this HTML page's new version.

9. This offer is, of course, void where prohibited. (...if so... the regulations of, for instance, Lesotho... or Myanmar or Thailand,... are things I'm not acquainted with intimately.)

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R. H., hess1@bigfoot.com. Version of August 27, 1998.