Guarantees on Free Samples Policy at UpSky/UpSky2

1. All inquiries will be tracked by 'Inquiry #', to be used in the event of a complaint for identification.

2. All Email addresses and URLs, I personally guarantee, will not be sold by myself or 'UpSky', nor used for mailing list purposes. I do not maintain automated electronic mailing software of any kind.

3. As well as your 'Inquiry #', all mailings-out will contain references to links on the Web where complaints (in the dubious event of needing to complain) may be registered RE my/'UpSky's performance.

4. To emphasize how genuinely free this offer is: pages used to order sample(s) can be accessed quickly even without massive bandwidth; you are not required to read any advertisements and there are no banners en route to the Order From. [Nor is there any implied or explicit obligation to buy anything, and though a working Email address is required, it will not be put on any sort of mailing list.] How could it be better? [An open invitation: send me a message and say, if you see a better way!]

5. I will do my best possible to satisfy potential customers. (And if you've read this far, you deserve that much attention in return!)

Mr. Russell Hess.
Webmaster, UpSky & UpSky2 sites.

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