Funny how these invading aliens seem to have kidnapped the dogs, after destroying the cities.

And they seem to have been taken over by Bill Gates long before the movie ....their alien computing machines must be running Windows 95 OSR1, to be so virus susceptible! (-Are they coming to Earth to take revenge for that, or what? I guess nobody showed them where Redmond was, so they took it out on everybody. Yes, that makes great amounts of sense.)

The fighter-jet dogfights are rather catty, the US planes always do a sort of Hawaii-Five-Oh shimmy when an alien is on their tail.   Don't they know any other evasive maneuvers? jeez.

The many whiteouts at the beginning - it's as if the movie had a recurrent petit mal epilepsy.   So: Michael Douglas is President of the US, and everything's so well with the world, you just long for a Cozy Catastophe - or even a not-so-Cozy Catastrophe - to make the movie watchable.   (Oh, sorry - that's Bill Pullman playing Mr. Prez, not Douglas . . . these white males who play the presidential role all look the same anyway, don't they?)

Jeff Goldblum plays a Daniel Jackson ('Stargate') clone, and there's another actor from 'Stargate' (the movie, not the series) in this cinematic foolery too - he gets woken up early, luckily not by the servants of Ra.

. . . . We interrupt this review to air an incoming message from the 25 gazillion surviving alien fighter pilots, slightly annoyed beyond their usual formidability by the destruction of their mother-ships [in chorus]:
"We will never surrender, we will denationalize your national forests somehow, we don't care how we give them away, we'll give them away to someone . . . and you can't have your annoying dog back either, Earthling dregs!"

The moral of the story is:    Never sniff a First Lady, under any circumstances. You are very likely to disappear if you do.....especially if you're a dramatically unnecessary dog.

[ Review (c) R. Hess, July 6 (revised slightly July 31), 2003. ]

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