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'MST3K Presents: "Mitchell"'

A review

In this movie, men stick their tongues out...

. . . 'Way out. It looks very ugly (in a low-tech way.) They resemble pictures of the devil by Maurice Sendak [cf. 'Zlateh The Goat', I.B. Singer.] Or the scene in 'Howard The Duck' where a guy sticks his tongue out & it turns out to be a sort of long jerked-beef serpent thing.

Linda Evans, the only female in the movie, does NOT stick her tongue out. Not unless she does it behind the sheets or out of camera view. Thank goodness, we don't get to see it happen.

- Warning: If you're a nice old lady, or an even fairly nice child, you will be chased out of the movie with a, "Beat it, old lady," or even worse words from our big star, Joe Don Baker. Whose acting, plot-wise, resembles first, a bad "I'm Peter Falk as Columbo", then after that, "I'm a gross Clint Eastwood type of guy." In the latter phase, the acting quality is extensively evoked by the phrase, "GRRRRRRRAWWWWWIMSICK!!"

Action!: An unconvincing car explosion. An unlikely helicopter-vs.-yacht gun & etc. battle. An empty, obviously clean garbage can gets thrown on Mitchell's head as a 'final humiliation'   (Couldn't they find a dirty full one anywhere?)

Watch this, if you watch it at all, in the captioned version by Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K); it saves having to ask questions like that.   Much cheaper than the 'straight' version, which (before it can be really appreciated) requires an additional investment of:

               3 large burgers
               1 half-pound steak (greasy)
               2 six-packs of cheap beer . . .

...minimum, per person.

In conclusion, to paraphrase the poet William Butler Yeats,

"All that's Mitchell flows away
Like the waters."

[ Review (c) R. Hess, January 20, 2001, 2000. ]

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