The Ancestry of Kthulhu Mytho-Gibberish

( -Not Shakespeare's 'All's Well That Ends Well', Act IV, Scene i 64f; and
Scene iii 116,121,122 ... but for certain all of the following: )

Mythos & weird fiction links


Tradioun marexil fin burrix burrudix!
Fori mi dinkorlitz! Fori mi dinkorlitz!
O! merikariou mevezix, merikaribrao!
...Merondor dinkorlitz!
Merondor dinkorlitz, merondor!...
...Om latte vix merondor, mi aysko, merondor, mi aysko, Ah!
Diff diff! Merondor! Merondor aysko!
Ha ha! Satan! Ha ha! Croix!
Diff diff, Belzebuth, Astaroth, Mephisto...
Sat! SAT! Rayk-ihr kimour!
...Ha ha! Mephisto! Ha ha! Mephisto!
Ha ha ha ha ha... irimiru karibrao! HA!!





Ai-a-iah! Ai-a-iah!

"Clooth-na-Bare... went all over the world, seeking a lake deep enough to drown her... at last, she found the deepest water in the world in little Lough Ia, on the top of the bird mountain [Slieve Deane, Sliabh Da Ean, 'Two Bird Mountain'], in Sligo."

Other links:

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The Cthulhu Mythos Index - by Joseph Morales.

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