An established bad habit:
  A second Graf-at-Mahwah headline in verse.

 It's Mahwah-news, not poetry!

 -Hit at the facts with a brick:

 Jennifer C. beat Steffi G.?

 Only because G.'s sick.

 Avoiding journalistic schmier,

 I dare to just deny

 That it's the end of Graf's career;

 Graf said it will be by

 The end of 1999.*

 In '97's June

 Graf said she would be back again

 To tennis.*2  This French Open's win

 Suffices, truth that's plain to see:

 This star has kept her word.

 Win next?*3 if she takes care, could be.

 All other means would be absurd.*4

['An established bad habit: a second Graf-at-Mahwah headline in verse.' July 16, 1998 by Russell Hess.]


- The situation implies that Steffi Graf is seeing the rest of the year through as a sort of
(half) self-inflicted sentence . . . but somehow I think that is not the point.

* - or therabouts. As far as the regular pro tour goes. (There has been a hoo-foo-raw on this point; verse/doggerel constrains my clarity.)

*2 - I quote from The Washington Post, Thursday, June 12 1997, C3:
"Graf . . . released a statement . . . saying she was 'confident that I will return to the sport which I love so much - and in good health.'"

*3 - ('Win next' means her next tournament)

*4 - Ahem: The last three words of note 3!

. . . . . . und auch: "Ich habe gelernt, daß alles am seiden Faden Gesundheit hängt..." (München, 05.01.99 15:15 Uhr - quoted from or

- Ich werde dir etwas husten!

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