Just brief notes - of triumph & letdown - August 2001

About my two previous   French Open/ Roland Garros 2000 editorials:

   What about that!: The last two French Opens were both won by Gustavo Kuerten. I knew he was a genuinely promising player since he won Roland Garros 1997, and said so. This analysis, belief, whatever I want to call it, has been thoroughly justified. And I'm glad of that. It's always good to have backed another winner.

   Prospects for the women's side at this instant are a final between Conchita Martinez and Mary Pierce: my prediction opinion is that the odds favor Martinez, 2 out of 3. Owing to the way... well, results will justify me, or if not, why explain!
The other side is harder to foretell;   I wouldn't be surprised if it was Norman who won, though. All bets off there (-there are still 4 players eligible for the final at this instant.)

- If I may quote from my June 9 2000 editorial:

   Hingis? I think that if she [quote] "can live without [the French Open]", then she's also saying she can live without a Grand Slam. Darn: in early 1998, there was hope she might achieve that soon.
   - Well, unfortunately for the women's side of the clay-court game... that, also, has been thoroughly justified by subsequent events. Aside from the Williams sisters - BOTH the Williams sisters - coming on strong at last, there have been no great winners in the women's game overall. Period.

[-R.H., August 13th, 2001.]

- The above is the unaltered text of my August 13th's Tennis Editorial, as written and published on the 'UpSky2' index page.

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