Tennis Editorial, June 9 2000.

On the finals of  the French Open, Roland Garros 2000

   ...Well! The French Open has gone according to the past few years' pattern. Norman (and Kuerten!) have done very well. My prediction about top-ranked players on both sides not winning the F.O., has been completely fulfilled: Even if Norman wins, he's only seeded #3! (Graf, last year, was #3 too if I recollect correctly. So #3 is not too high.)

   Prospects for the women's side at this instant are a final between Conchita Martinez and Mary Pierce: my prediction opinion is that the odds favor Martinez, 2 out of 3. Owing to the way... well, results will justify me, or if not, why explain!
The other side is harder to foretell;   I wouldn't be surprised if it was Norman who won, though. All bets off there (-there are still 4 players eligible for the final at this instant.)

   Hingis? I think that if she [quote] "can live without [the French Open]", then she's also saying she can live without a Grand Slam. Darn: in early 1998, there was hope she might achieve that soon.
   - In my opinion, what Hingis needs to win the French Open (...she will someday, surely... probably when she's in a ratings slump, as a vigorous comeback effort...) is a large stout boyfriend in the stands, front row, waving a huge banner labeled, "HINGIS!!!" with his strong arms, and booming encouragement from a strong chest. Leading the applause! - She needs a chef-de-claque-friend, I'd say.


[-R.H., June 9th.]

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