Tennis Editorial, May 15 2000.

Including prognostications of  the French Open, Roland Garros 2000

               (-Old news:)            While the routine of exchanging the top place in the WTA rankings (between Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport) was getting dull, the men's side has flabbergasted me: Magnus Norman has reached #1 !
   ...The question is, how did that happen? Is he a real new master of the game, or is it just the change (as of January 2000) in statistical methods used to determine ranks? One thing's sure... this was a surprise. And a welcome one.
   Norman and Yevgeny Kafelnikov have started a new tradition it seems:   disowning the #1 spot, attributing its proper proprietorship to the traditional great champions, Sampras and Agassi.   My feeling is that while this is proper and gentlemanly, on the other hand if the ranked #1(s) beat Sampras/Agassi consistently, it is also a mannerism to leave behind in that event...

      The French Open - upcoming in late May 2000 - has somehow become my favorite tournament.   Maybe because, on both the men's side and the women's/ladies', it tends to results that defy all prognostication. A brief review seems to show this:
            1997:   Gustavo Kuerten and Iva Majoli were the champions;
            1998:   Sanchez-Vicario and Carlos Moya (if I recollect correctly)
            1999:   Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi were both unexpected victors.
            2000 ? :   - subject to, well, seeing what happens.   But I think it's safe enough to say ... or hazard ... two attempts to see into the obscure, red, clay-smeared, future:

                  A) Agassi has been going strong for a long while... so, being the expectable champion, he will probably NOT win here.
         and B) the champion of the women's side will most likely NOT be WTA-top-ranked, once again.

      ...Seeing Hingis play there again will likely be like seeing the lion thrown to the Christians for a change, if all goes as before.  (But it may not... see remarks above.)   
[-R.H., May 15th.]

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