Wimbledon, 1998

[The elder Miss Williams said:]
"I have a general statement: I'm glad to be here. Everyone is going to be trying to win,
and everyone is glad Steffi's back. And that's all."

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[source: C2, Washington Post, July 2; quoting the elder Miss Williams:]
"I know it's out!"

"She knows it's out!"*
[*RE Jana Novotna, opponent]

"Everyone knows it's out!"

[...to the referee:] "...but you don't know it's out!"

Nothing like speaking out, especially in this style. (...a self-quotation, about 'no one being angry enough/ To make an honest statement' comes to mind.) But no need to make a Mad Tea Party out of it ...
or spoil one's own cool...

[Quoting Novotna, regarding opponent Miss Williams:]
"...I think she lost it a little bit there for a while."
A little bit lost, it was? I don't think so - either way. -RH, July 6.

[Source: Washington Post, July 3:]
Novotna beats Hingis.
Ring out the new, ring in the older. [-paraphrasing Tennyson.] And sell some of my stock in M.Hingis Inc, before it gets any lower.

[Quoting Natasha Zvereva, subject this year of the 'I beat Graf' effect (like Coetzer last year):]
"I'm so tired... I need a mental institution break."
! The most cheerfully risible remark on the tour this year (so far) !

- To sermonize a little:
An older player winning Roland Garros & Wimbledon, is good for the younger players' prospects: It shows how long a career can last, full-fledged; as for other older players, the beneficial implications are obvious.
(-Except for Graf: she is definitely older not by calendar years but by things accomplished, than just about any other player on the women's (or men's) tour. Can another dream be added, to so many come true?)
(Please note: 1993 to 1998 (-for Novotna, a significant interval-) is 5 years; recently Graf said, when asked* '...whether [she] will in 1999 return again to Wimbledon..., "That is a long time [ahead] . . . [but] whether immediately or in 5 years: I wish to have the joy of good results there."' ......Need I say more?)

Passed times or past achievings,
Leaving a necessity of aspiring
Continuing, persisting, vital Growth:
The Updating of Dreams.

[Poem (C) July 6, 1998, by Mr. Russell Hess.]

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[... July 11 version ... to be updated further...]

*[ (-My translation of ~July 15, from) Der Spiegel Online 26.06.98 19:28:54.]