'Der Herbstwind', by Heinrich Heine
translated to English.

The fall winds shake the branches;

The night is damp and cold;

Wrapt up in a gray mantle

Ride I alone in the forest.

And as I ride, rides also

With and before me Thought;

He leadeth me lightly and airily,

Unto my beloved home

Where hounds are baying and servants

Appear with candles aglow;

The winding stair storm I upward

With clattering of spurs.

In the brightly lit carpeted room

So boudoirish, fresh and warm,

There waits me my own Beloved one,

I flee me away in her arms.

And rustles the wind in the leaves,

And speaks thus the old oak trees:

      What wish ye, O madcap rider,

      Having such fool-fond dreams?

[translation & copyright (C),   December 10, 1998, by Russell Hess.    From Heinrich Heine, c. 1822-23]

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