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1. My own nascent business. Serving the Washington D.C. area. Recent areas of practice since July 1999:
   Windows 98 upgrades and Windows 95 troubleshooting and restoration, Windows 3.1
   admin; software support services and installation, disk restoration and
   filesystem repair.  Website modification, page design, graphics.  Network
   analysis, rewiring.  Pentium PCs and laptops.  Apple Powerbook 1700 hardware
   servicing.  Tech support by email and telephone.  Email account configuration. 
   Procurement consultation;  Virus education and handling consultation involving
   McAfee's latest version.

          Introductory rate for computer services:  $25 per hour.  [Subject to certain limitations.]
2. SF & Fantastic Fiction:    At last!: excerpt/sample from Short Guide to Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series. Original. Found only here. A valuable reference to look up things in or just browse through.   (-new, September '99.)
   ...There's also the H.-H.'s G. page, which will soon include (-new, November '99-) "Home Is Where The... [-well, see for yourselves what!] ...Is".
   ...And the SF Surrealism page, including: Episode #2 of 'Start Truck'. 'Discovery, No Longer Terrible' (-the sequel and ending to 'Battleship Discovery The Terrible'.)    'Really Brilliant Reviews of the movie 2001'.
         Great Endings from Science Fiction.  (-new, July 23.) 
                  Dan Simmons' Hyperion / Endymion series - a critical examination.
         Ancestry of Cthulhu Mythos gibberish: A humorous look at precedents for H.P. Lovecraft's bizarre & uncanny use of incomprehensible nonsense syllables.

3. Poetry/drama:   My Own Poems (see also UpSky below)   + an essay;    Announcement & info about a poem series in ~58 parts. (-I enjoyed writing it!)    Faust's death, from Goethe's drama: the original & an original English (/"Americanish") translation. (-New, August.)
                              ...Other poetry:    some dramatic wisdom from Browning;    a favorite from Yeats' beloved works, & more William Butler Yeats poems, subject: the moon...(-new, July 18.)     & a translation (to English from the German of) Heinrich Heine.

4. Tennis:   Another headline-in-verse.   (-new, July 19.)   Research data on 'Tennis goddesses'.   (-new, July.)   Wimbledon 1999 commentary.   Roland Garros 1999. Tennis Year 1998, & Wimbledon 1998 - pro Tennis commentary [-incomplete as yet...]. [Also from 1998: July headline, in verse. Minor footnote. Another footnote.]

9. Money:   (-upcoming, link to a multi-Currency Converter, a super info resource.)

10. HTML, JavaScript, Web pages & browsers & the Web:   How to build a good Website - 'UpSky' is award-winning, see below. A proposed new feature for Web browsers - (new, August 24th.)
(For past versions of UpSky & UpSky2, see 'the Ur-UpSky' of 2/12/98 - shortly after I began building it;       UpSky2 8/26/98, 11/18/98, 4/27/99.)

11. Science & History:   Astronomer Royal data list (biographical sketches & info summary), in honor of the Royal Greenwich Observatory's closing on Oct. 31 1998 ...R.I.P.
            Tsiolkovsky's epitaph.
            A critic of the Constitution of the United States.       ...also Instant Graph Paper (-still short of perfect)

12. Mathematics:   JavaScript Online Scientific Calculator.
         Statistics about Bicycling uniforms and helmets.    (-new.)    (Upcoming: Prime Number calculator.)

13. Superstition:    ...the only appropriate subject for this number.   

...and also more Great Endings, many new I.Q. tests and quizzes, original speculation on 'Negative Intelligence Quotient' and proposal for a new sort of IQ test, and Ingenious Gentleman's Sayings.

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The Knowledge Is Power Award, for 'UpSky', May 1999.

            'Icarus' - all the negative and less exalted material:    Satire! Beating dead horses! Blabbermouths! "...If you always regret leaving your job at the end of the day"! ..and more! (Updated in January 2000.)