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2. SF & Fantastic Fiction: Great Endings from Science Fiction.  (-new, July 23.)     Episode #2 of 'Start Truck'.  (-new.)  [Episode #1]   (-Also new:)    'Discovery, No Longer Terrible' (-the sequel and ending to 'Battleship Discovery The Terrible'.)
         Really Brilliant Reviews of the movie '2001'.    (-new.)
                  Dan Simmons' Hyperion / Endymion series - a critical examination.
         Ancestry of Cthulhu Mythos gibberish.

3. Poetry/drama: My Own Poems (see also UpSky below)   + an essay;    A poem of Blessing, with a religious question.    (-New in late June:)    Love Approached...'.    About a poem series in ~58 parts. (-I enjoyed writing it!)    [Upcoming, a listing of my poems show how much I've done...]
                              ...Other poetry:    some dramatic wisdom from Browning;    a favorite from Yeats beloved works, & more William Butler Yeats poems, subject: the moon...(New, July 18)     & a translation (to English from the German of) Heinrich Heine.

4. Tennis:   Another headline-in-verse.   (-new, July 19.)   Research on Tennis goddesses.   (-new, July.)   Wimbledon 1999 commentary.   Roland Garros 1999. Tennis Year 1998, & Wimbledon 1998 - pro Tennis commentary [-incomplete as yet...]. [Also from 1998: July headline, in verse. Minor footnote. Another footnote.]

9. Money: (-upcoming, link to a multi-Currency Converter, a super info resource.)

10. HTML & the Web: How to build a good Website - 'UpSky' is award-winning, see below.
(For past versions of UpSky & UpSky2, see 'the Ur-UpSky' of 2/12/98 (shortly after I began building it); UpSky2 8/26/98, 11/18/98, 4/27/99.

11. Science & History:    Astronomer Royal data list, in honor of the Royal Greenwich Observatory's closing on Oct. 31 1998 ...R.I.P.
            Tsiolkovsky's epitaph.
            A critic of the Constitution of the United States.       ...also Instant Graph Paper (-still short of perfect)

12. Mathematics:    JavaScript Online Scientific Calculator.
         Statistics about Bicycling uniforms and helmets.    (-new.)    (Upcoming: Prime Number calculator.)

13. Non-Relationships:    Instruction Manual for Lovers-in-Training, J.G..    The not altogether original Non-Connecting song.

...and also more Great Endings, many new I.Q. tests and quizzes, and Ingenious Gentleman's Sayings.    - Tired of all the talk-talk-talking? This ought to help.

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