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- extra pages, about such stuff as:

2. SF Surrealism.

3. Poetry/drama: My Own Poems (see UpSky link at bottom) + an essay;  some dramatic wisdom from Browning; my first inclusion from Yeats' beloved works.

4. Wimbledon 1998, Tennis tournament commentary. An (old) headline. Not even a footnote.     - New: Another footnote.

...and also Great Endings from S.F., and Ingenious Gentleman's Sayings.    - Tired of all the talk-talk-talking? This ought to help.

"Answering Machine"
( anonymity of message - if desired - guaranteed. )

- to be added:    -Observed Statistics    -Ideal Personal Web Pages for several types of people.    -another episode of UpSky's 'Start Truck'    -'Frankly Squeaking: a few bold epigrams...'
   -A unique new set of SF & FSF products.    -choses ('translateur') pour les touristes Americaines.    -the Tennis Year, 1998.    -Commentary on the U.S. Open 1998 (- once it has started.)    -For Editors (who like my writing at all.)

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