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2. SF & Fantastic Fiction:   - New & updated: Ancestry of Kthulhu Mythos.

3. Poetry/drama: My Own Poems (see link to UpSky below) + an essay;  some dramatic wisdom from Browning; my first inclusion from Yeats' beloved works.   More William Butler Yeats poems, subject: the moon...    & a translation (to English from the German of) Heinrich Heine.

4. Tennis Year 1998, & Wimbledon 1998 - pro Tennis commentary [-incomplete as yet...]. July headline. Minor footnote. Another footnote.

9. Money...

10. How to build a good Website.

11. Science & History:    Astronomer Royal data list, in honor of the Royal Greenwich Observatory's closing on Oct. 31 1998 - R.I.P.
            A critic of the Constitution of the United States.       ...also Instant Graph Paper (-still being constructed & perfected)

...and also more Great Endings, many new I.Q. tests and quizzes, and Ingenious Gentleman's Sayings.    - Tired of all the talk-talk-talking? This ought to help.

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