This link (& page) is down. It's been that way awhile... I had to get authorization to put a(n already published)copy of my writing on these pages, but my first request I received no answer to, owing to my Email being down in late July and a few days of ~August 9th, 1998. Authorization was recently received, work on this page will progress, thus.

It will be up later. My apologies.

(If you are interested in it, please go to UpSky2,
and use the 'Answering Machine' option
( - you need not leave an email address, that way - ) to tell me so?
-if you do, it will be up all the sooner.)    Your attention is of value. Thanks.

The Webmaster, UpSky & UpSky2 sites.

Friday, October 30th, 1998.