Basic news on what's new, at UpSky (and UpSky2) sites
- so you don't have to load the Main Page(s) to find out if anything new has been added since you last stopped by,
- and to get an idea of the latest things, saving me from finicking with "NEW!" logos, etc....


Almost everything has been added & is new as of November 10th, 1998:

- I.Q. Tests, more Great Endings, and Astronomer Royal data (and Ads, Graph paper, FAQ) are my especial favorites. Browse around and see what's there, don't just depend on hearsay, here or there.

(sorry about the Tennis-Year pages being very incomplete - I haven't had time to add to them since July... drop me a line if you care to see what I've written but not yet typed-in. -Webmaster.)


Hitchhiker's Guide and some other pages (professional qualifications, nascent business) updated; counters added; otherwise, see old news.

(This page itself was updated November 8 - 18, 1998.)

Thanks for your interest and visit. [- The Webmaster, the 'UpSky' sites.]

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