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( Work is proceeding! -Webmaster, September 1st, 1998.)

Counter (at bottom, in graphic).
[-added August 26.]

'Another footnote.'       Under '4.'.
[-added August 24.]

- "Answering Machine" for text messages:   it does not require a valid Email address be entered, so it is a way of being securely Anonymous for the cautious or shy.
- 'Tired of all the talk-talk-talking? This ought to help.'   For a laugh; URL ends in "../scholarly.html".

[-additions, late July.]


The "FREE SAMPLES" and "New Products available only here" (and, more recently, the "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy") links from UpSky (Main site) are now working! (and all subsidiary pages but two.) - September 5th, 1998.

- Added many new links to front page, which will be of interest: Esp.,   Free Samples,     New products...

[-additions, August 6.]

(This page itself was updated on September 5, 1998.)
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