'Greatness is more than a choice'

( Poem, in three parts )

1. Greatness is more than a choice

  A thinking goes here: 'Love divine' -

  - Divine love, that is -

  Surpasses the love of woman . . .

  But "the love of woman," versus "heterosexual love," is not a match:

  Consider that in the second of these two,

  Both parties are considered to participate

  Whereas, in the other, the woman has no part

            Amazingly enough.

  There is more than one choice.

  Even within the old world there is more than one choice.


  The world in whole in mind is greater than the small-minded prate

  Of the modern and unthought of:

           To the 'Only mine or yours'

  The all-plenum is more great.

2. I'm calling it in at last

  Seven years ago this March, it was said

  ( - You can't say, 'predicted' - it wasn't, as results show - )

  It was said that I would "die soon"

  - I heard, the nut heard, the postman heard it too.

  No one said 'no', but God.

  This lie has passed the statute of limitations,

  Other newer ones haven't yet.

  "Crooked folk last awhile";   lies will last long :

  But her love [ whatever that is ]* is a greater thing than time.

           Time's lies and hate fade away against

  The background of the eternal great.

3. 'Round the center

  - I made my small observance of what should be common:

  The little weary work that kept me going 'round and 'round,

  The labor that came to nothing, fades away

           As it should

  Leaving to me the forever great and understood.

[ Poem, and all three parts, (c) May 8 2000, by Russell Hess. ]

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