'The Rhetorical Question'

My self has doubts invisible

     Of nothing here in present gain;

But I tried for what is right, for sure,

     And none of the meaning was for pain.

            ( - Forgive me, but is this true? )

When phony motives were strewn about

     I broke from them by being myself,

It was enough to be me, to you;

     Things can be seen as themselves!

               ( - I'm sorry, but was this wise? )

- Oh, it's not worth a butch on a beach!

     Or a frood on a field holiday!

Things are just messed-up, in their own way.

               ( - Forgive me, but is this true? )

No man exceeds his age,

     Yet wrongs deserve their manly rage,

And concern before disasters burn;

     We can't be more than we earn.

               ( - But did you see this, with your own eyes? )

[(c) September 23, 2001 by Russell Hess.]

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