'The Snorer ' (-A parody, after Edgar Allan Poe.)

The lady snores - Oh, may her drone,

As it is sonorous, be it boring!

God save me from exciting snoring!

And if I to the 'fridge might creep,

Then be her sleep both sound and deep;

For she has said that I must diet,

And so I'll slip away so quiet -

Some grateful grub I'll gather up,

Cold meat devour in midnight drear -

- She's nearly starved me to the bone!

[*-after Poe, & after hours, (c) July 25, 1998, by Russell Hess]

- Page created (from a draft copy done on my old Zenith laptop on November 10 1998) June 9, 2000 by Russell Hess, Webmaster (hess1@bigfoot.com) of 'UpSky2' and 'UpSky'.

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