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"Home Is Where The... [-well, see for yourselves what!] ...Is".   An appreciation of the innate Adamsness of the idea of 'Home'. [- Added June 15, 2000.]

Hitchhiker's alternate worlds:
( - Just some casual efforts at stop-gaps for the 'H.-H.'s G.T.T.G.' link on my Main Page, before I had more important stuff ready... the first one is too grim to be funny, but not serious, the second is too funny to be serious, but not grim... or something...)
Alternate universe.
Joyride to the Galaxy.

How Douglas Adams started the series.
How Douglas Adams rounded out his ending to the series.

A new 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' product, unique to UpSky.

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Remember the little fish that Ford Prefect put in Arthur Dent's ear, just after Earth was destroyed by the Vogons? There's a company in Alberta (Canada) (5.5K + 27K GIFs), named after it!


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* This is the title of a book by Douglas Adams, written in the late twentieth century. About 1978, actually... Zark! did you need to be told that? (Then I suppose you don't know where the up-arrow is, and need to click on this link