Web programming and design portfolio
Russell Hess

Illustrating the programming and design skills of Russell Hess:   in Java 2, HTML 4, and JavaScript,
the JavaScript & HTML being composed personally and without assistance from Dreamweaver ( or any other contemptible assist software for the less-than-expert designer).

- All original programming by the Webmaster & designer of & the other 'UpSky' websites.
Java 2 Applets
Java reflection utility
Advanced JavaScript applications
JavaScript, simpler standard examplesMy  CGI  /  Perl My  graphics  inclusions,
image  mapping  (client-side),
images  &  icons.
Simple  HTML  usage

- Java 2 applet composition example, utilizing AWT Foundation Classes:

Alarm Clock written in Java, with GUI for setting of alarm time and alarm sound file:
JAlarmClock Applet, requires Java 2 plug-in, owing to its use of Java audio for the alarm; it is configured to make it easy to run, either by use of already downloaded plug-in, or by automatically triggered downloading of not-yet-installed plug-in.

- Java JDBC example: a front end for entry to and review of a SQL / MySQL database tracking yearly financial data.

Front-end for SQL database interface:
FYdbEntry.class - a Java GUI application, configured ready-to-use as an interface to a properly constructed and configured MySQL database.

- Java 2 utility, utilizing Reflection to obtain manual information about Java
class elements when a reference manual is not in hand:

A group of files to install in one directory and run with appropriate parameters whenever needed.(- For Windows computers only, will not work in other OSs. - Not for beginners.):
'Materia', available for download.

- JavaScript applications, advanced, code-intensive (written WITHOUT Dreamweaver etc!):

On-Web graphics image file composer, solely utilizing JavaScript!:
XBM Graphics 1.32 with 16 by 16 grid for Netscape Navigator version > 2 or any version of MS Internet Explorer that can display XBM or IBM x-bitmap graphics files.

Stopwatch Online:
Just click to start... there's a Help function too. Original, advanced JavaScript programming.

- My more basic pages, HTML:

HTML layout/typesetting/font sizes/colors/included images/text arrangement:
Main menu page

Forms, buttons, radio buttons, terms-of-usage:
Information request form
Poll form (unserious content, but fully functional, & tested)

Page (most successful of mine so far in attracting hits) with individual format/style:
Astronomer Royal data page

Tables and Frames:
( You've already seen this use of HTML tables: the white squares / menu area, this page! )
& My use of frames for two versions, original & tanslated,
            and my use of Frames for 'Both UpSkys' !

Basic JavaScript, button inclusion seamless with text, original 'Table' usage for appropriate graphic effect:

Client-pull code used for (crude) animation by page change:
The green disc cartoon

- JavaScript programming of the simpler kind; JavaScript-enhanced pages:

Window Manager, using both JavaScript & non-JavaScript-enabled methods, to ensure usefulness on all browsers:
UpSky2 Window Manager

JavaScript mathematical functins;  Form used for both entry & answers:

JavaScript used for labor-saving generation of repetitive code:
Code generator

Embedded image code, inserted by 'JavaScript URL' method:
(...See below - the small circle.)

Page that tests for & shows....:
JavaScript version running on currently used browser

- My CGI / Perl:

HTML source code formatter, for printing:
Print the source code of an HTML page ( program shows its own Perl code, if nothing entered in text box)

Tracking counters (for two pages so far - on this one, look for the "( - counter, in development, May 2 2000.)" at bottom of page:
(Page with parallel tracking counter in development - displays a blank 8-by-8 XBM image as its trace)

- My graphics - pages with integrated graphics, image mapping, and images / icons I've created:

Frames, graphic icons w/JavaScript status message, et cetera:
Drama in German, with English translation

Graphic logo (custom: ), graphics usage, advertising banner and counter inclusion:
Page with logo, etc.

  Client-side image mapping used on graphics logo
(GIF, converted from Windows BMP):

UpSky and UpSky2

first.xbm second.xbm logo moon.xbm IQ logo braces45.xbm dottedln.xbm 2upskys.xbm UpSky GIF logo Up-Sky Sun GIF

Brainy persons website banner ad, first version

embedded X-Bitmap image JS method

movie frame X bitmap image, first of two movie frame X bitmap image, second of two Cropped version of upskys dot GIF, without URLs New, Sept. 2001, logo for UpSky2 website

- Images with transparency

(A transparent GIF to right of bottom-most button: hold mouse still over that area to verify its presence):
Sun and cloud, taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF Sun without cloud, taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF Sun without cloud, large size, taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF
Shadowed buttonized sunburst image taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF, with UpSky label added       Shadowless buttonized sunburst image taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF, with UpSky label added       Shadowless buttonized sunburst image taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF, with UpSky2 label added       Shadowless buttonized sunburst image, larger size, taken from Up-Sky Sun GIF, with UpSky2 label added       transparent one-pixel GIF image, resettable to various widths as a spacer element

- Page created from a copy of another 'UpSky' page November 27 1999, updated February 15, April 8-10-12, May 18, & June 11th 2000, September 19, October 6-10 & December 28 & 30 2001, and June 11-13 2002, by Mr. Russell Hess, Webmaster <hess1@bigfoot.com> of 'UpSky2' & the 'UpSky' sites.