Professional Qualifications

Russell Hess

-For those who are here for a quick conventional appraisal, my formal qualifications facts sheets, & my resumé.

  ...&, for those who are really interested in my capability range (I am a Washington D.C. area consultant, mainly in computer software & hardware/electronics):

- I have many skill sets, but my business usefulness is highest in computer technical matters. The details of that skill set come first on the following list
[which is broken down into:    1=Skill set & subsets    2=qualifying factors for (1)    3=links with reference to (2) and (1).]

Computers - Hardware, Repair, Equipment. Writing, Literacy, Languages (I am a very fluent native speaker of English, and also know Italian and German (see, for example, my translations of Italian and German classical poetry) + smattering of French.
      Editing & proofreading: two (obscure!) mistakes in the Washington Post for August 1998.
  Also, I have this certification of language communication skill in English: - won January 2000.

[My IQ, which matters, is provably not low given results here, easily duplicatable...]

Researching... ...Internet research and search-engine skills...

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