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1. Freelance computer and electronics services.   Web design and services, Email system support.   
Serving the Washington D.C. area, including Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Certifications transcript: HTML, JavaScript, Java 2, Windows 95/98, browsers/design, English communication.
         Recent areas of practice:
   Windows 95/98 troubleshooting, upgrades, support and installations;  
   Office, Word, other MS support services.  Cable running.  Hard disk and
   file system maintenance, repair.  Website building, design, updating, 
   and modifications.  Pentium PCs and laptops.  Network analysis, rewiring. 
   Modem card servicing and configuration; PCMCIA cards.  Apple Powerbook 
   hardware servicing.  Tech support by email, by telephone, and in person.  
   Email account configuration; sending images in emails.  Procurement 
   consultation.  Computer virus detection, system cleaning, & education. 
   Electronic watch repair.  Printers and drivers.  Employment counseling,
   advice on resume posting online.    And, a 100% approval rating from all clients to date! 

          First-time rates for computer services:  $ 35 per hour - plus sales price of parts if any needed - as of July 31, 2001. (Superseding 9/01/00 rate of $30.00/hr.)  
                                                                  [Subject to limitations.  Exact fee charged subject to negotiation, as appropriate 
                                                                     for equipment serviced and other circumstances.  Some services cheaper, and 
                                                                     any advanced programming above the level of HTML-only Web Design starts at $35
                                                                     per hour as of September 1 2000.
          - Inquiries on rates/terms welcome! (-Tech support questions will be charged for!)  by email to          Please note that all price quotes are good for only up to 3 months after the estimate of   
                                                                     rate is communicated to the customer.  Prices as stated here are subject to change 
                                                                     without advance notice. ]

2. SF & Fantastic Fiction:

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3. Poetry   & verse drama:

  - My own poems (see also UpSky below) : - And other poetry:

4. Tennis, May-June 2000:

   "[ - This section is defunct" - true enough as of May 8 2000.  But subsequent developments suggest its revival. "I haven't added to it many months, and seldom finished anything in it anyway, except for the research data on 'Tennis goddesses' page.    R.I.P.  ]" - I've changed my mind.

         May 15, 2000 editorial.
  About Magnus Norman, the responsibilities of the rankings #1 spot, and a review of French Opens previous to 2000 A.D.    Plus my prognostications for Roland Garros 2000.

         June 9, 2000 editorial.   On the finals of the French Open 2000.

      August   2001 brief note:   - Of triumph - & disappointment, about both sides of the French Open, in 2000 and 2001.

                  ( Future Editorials to be placed here. Watch this space. )

9. Money and brains:   (A multi-Currency Converter, a super info resource: )
New:          (A calulator of the values of old money or old monetary figures, taking inflation into account: )

10. HTML, JavaScript, Web pages & browsers & the Web:

We have NetScape Navigator 4.7! Get it now!

11. Science & History:

  Astronomer Royal data list (biographical sketches & info summary), in honor of the Royal Greenwich Observatory's closing on Oct. 31 1998 ...R.I.P.
         Tsiolkovsky's epitaph.

...will draw a beautiful graphic of the sky, adjustable in various ways, with constellations and moon shown!
Sky View

'A critic of the Constitution of the United States' - an essay on Constitutionalism, privacy, rights, and maybe more).

- UpSky's Astronomer Royals page got listed at OpenHere in the category Professional - Astronomy - History. (March 23 2000.)

12. Mathematics:

13. Superstition:    ...the only appropriate subject for this number.

14. Recipes, Food:

X. All the rest;   Miscellanea:

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A Nightmare Scenario

The logical end result of the current Spam junk-e-mail scene, is email services resembling current systems for transmitting secure data:      To send to someone will require not only the right email address [ analogous to a 'public key' ], but also the correct Subject line code [ as a 'private key' analogue ].
...Email systems would be, in this nightmare scenario, designed to filter out all email with subject lines not equal to ( for instance ) "iD:Qs0196s24QQz3". (...more about this possible future...)

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            Block Sender List, category 1 - ground for inclusion

            A definition of what exactly constitutes true spam of the most offensive varieties encountered. ]

* ( - a "Spamateur" is what you get when you cross a spammer with something amateurish - not pretty. )

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